Weezer "Pork and Beans"

Yes I'm fully aware this is my second time posting this, but I wanted to so deal.

I received some awesome info recently about Motion Theory the production company behind the music video "Pork and Beans". Check it out:

The director Mathew Cullen is known for his work on music videos such as; Beck 'Girl', Modest Mouse 'Dashboard', Adele 'Chasing Pavements' and R.E.M.

The video was shot in LA with many of the YouTube Celebs. All the greats like Numa Numa, The Leave Britney Alone (guy? girl?), Chocolate Rain (I'm sure just for Fireman17), and many others. Unfortunately, Rick Astley was not in the video. Which was kind of a disappointment.

Find out More about the Production Company Motion Theory at: www.motiontheory.com

The video will begin airing on MTV, FUSE, and VH1 starting Monday June 2.