I am a huge fan of the X-Men movies (and no it's not just because of hugh jackman but that is a big reason). They have been releasing information about the new movie but mostly I can't seem to get the story. I've heard that they are going to have Gambit... Now didn't they say Gambit was going to be in Last Stand? Fox stop teasing us with Gambit!

Now I've heard a couple things but I'm a little confused... Are they making 2 movies? A Magneto movie and Wolverine? I've been kinda lost on that one... But now that they have released that the new movie could be X-Men Origins I'm guessing it's just one movie.

A big possiblity is that they are going to have a whole new X-Men Origins series (which yes Hugh Jackman will be Wolverine). I'm really excited to hear more on this so if you do find something out comment and let me know!
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