Saturday Morning

Blogger has a jingle to promote their new tool to mobile blog. It kinda made me want those few seconds of my life back...

So last night was a blast up at the Celtic Fest. I bought an Umbrella and a tiara with ribbon or whatever. It was soooo much fun! The vendors this year are cool. The Music was good. The food looked tasty. I missed the Whisky tasting.. But there is always next year. I can't wait till tonight. TOnight is the dancing. So if your in the area stop by it's a blast!

Right now I'm sitting in the upstairs room waiting to get into my room so I can get some clothes to wear, take a shower, Start my laundry and stuff. Of course I can't since my Grandmother is taking a 10 AM nap... I dunno strange.. So I'm just sitting here typing away wishing I could hop in the shower.

I'll keep ya'll updated on all the fun...

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