The Military

A lot of my friends have either joined the military or are toying with the thought.

Honestly I haven't seen much good come out of the military. Yes you learn discipline and you get paid and sometimes even see the world (or just Iraq). That doesn't mean you should join.

Many of my friends who have joined or are thinking about joining joined because they felt they had no other option. This should never be a reason to join the military.

My dad had to leave college and get a job and support his family. He is now working an incredible job even though he never got a degree. Even if you fail in life and things don't always go your way that doesn't just mean to give up!

The military is like a job. It is not something to step into lightly or as a last resort.

I am not anit-Military. I support our troops and are Military but I don't think that the way they are recruiting and reasons people are joining are good.

Just remember every time a door closes another one opens. Even if everything blows up in your face your parents kick you out of the house and you have no money or transportation and nothing but the clothes on your back there is always an option.

Never give up and always keep living. We live in America where anything is possible.

Keep It Real and always believe in yourself.