The Spice Girls Are Getting Back Together! And Other News

If you haven't heard the big news yet, the Spice Girls are getting back together! Am I excited? Ummmm... YES!!!!!

In other news, Gmail finally updated the iOS app to allow for preview and pop up notifications. Now, if only they would come out with an iPad app for G+.

We asked, you voted. Thanks to our iFriends, Grant and I will be heading to Washington, D.C. next week! In case you missed it, we asked our friends to vote on where we should go on vacation this year. The options were D.C. and Disney World. The Internet voted, off to the nations capital we go!

Since the Internet choose our vacation, it only seems right to ask, what do you think we should do in D.C.? We are already planning to go to all the Smithsonian's, the Spy Museum, all the monuments in the mall and Phillips. If you think we are missing something on our list, leave us a comment.

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Jason Carr said…
Aren't the Spice Girls in their 50's now?