Google+ Events

Google+ released Events, a new feature that allows users to invite circles, individuals or the public to an event. The event feature is integrated into your Google Calendar and will let you know your schedule straight from the event invite. The invitation, also features a directions link, that will open Google maps with directions to the event.

Google+ Events, has an option to add a photo. You can either, pick one from one of your photo albums, upload a new photo or select one of the photos by Google. There are static photo and animated photo options, as well.

Yesterday, I was so excited about the new feature, I decided to create an event for Independence Day. I made it a public event and invited my circles. What I didn't know, was that it sent an email invitation to ALL of my contacts instead of a Google notification.

As you would guess, I immediately started getting messages from friends asking if my account had been hacked, what time the party was and why my location was in the middle of the country.

The Google+ team is already working to fix this issue. Apparently, spammers have already started using this feature to flood users emails and feeds. Hopefully, we will see a fix soon. Until then, I think I will just stay away from pretty new buttons on my Google+.

Keep It Real!


Jason Carr said…
Fail Google! They are having growing pains and I'm sure they'll get this fixed. I like the direction G+ is headed nonetheless...simply waiting until everyone leaves FB to join me on there. :)
iEllie said…
I'm actually really impressed by the Google+ team. They respond quickly to issues! You can tell they really care about their users. I don't get the same feeling from Facebook.
Jason Carr said…
"I don't get the same feeling from Facebook"

Haha now there's an understatement ;)
E-TARD.TV said…
Google adding more shit to G+.
If Google+ does not stop being a bitch I will leave G+ & never come back.

Google+ keeps blocking my profile over the fact that I don't use my real name. facebook never had that big of a hard on for users using there real name.
I tricked G+ this time but it will not be long before they re block my profile.

Users tell me to make a G+ page but a G+ page vs a G+ profile
with a page you get no +1 tab you, cant add anyone unless they add you first & users don't find your page so easy as they can with a profile page.
iEllie said…
Hold up! Facebook was the original social network to require that you use your real name. I've had my account disabled for it (it's happened twice!)

Google+ pages function the same way as Facebook pages! No different! It's new. They are still growing! They are definitely doing a good job of listening to their users.

Have you sent in a suggestion to their team? They are very responsive.
E-TARD.TV said…
when I was on facebook they never gave a shit about my name.
yes they did have a thing where it wanted you to use your real name but if you did not they would not disabled your user over it.
but i was on facebook from 2008 to Nov 2009 is when they banned me over other shit then the real name.
so maybe facebook has changed.
all i know is there are more users not using there real name on facebook then on google+.
Google+ needs to lighten up a bit with the name thing.

how I miss the days of myspace where they give you a real profile to work with & dont bitch about real names.

"google very responsive" LOL!!!
My dad has his own company & they needed a mail service so he payed for the gmail for companies.
they have 0 phone support & there mail support was not a real person(ever!!!)
My dad got soo fucking mad over the fact he is paying for this & real support is nowhere to be found.

Thats google for you.