If you haven't heard about LinkedIn you must be hiding under a rock. LinkedIn is the professional social network. Through LinkedIn you can post your resume connect with previous and past employers and employees or even professional contacts you know.

The great thing about LinkedIn is that your profile is your resume. With one click future employers can easily access your resume. What I don't understand is that most companies have yet to add a feature to easily import your LinkedIn profile.

Today, for most jobs they prefer you to apply online with their application. Over and over again I have to fill in the same questions for these applications. If these future employers added a import from LinkedIn it would simplify the process for everyone. The basic info any employer needs to know is all located on your LinkedIn profile.

This is my plea to companies out there. I am currently looking for a job so the process can become tiresome and frustrating. I think by doing this it will cut down on the headache process that is job hunting.

I understand that some times you want to tweek your online resume for the job you are applying for, but allowing the import of a LinkedIn profile could ease the process.

If you don't already have a LinkedIn profile create one at and be sure to check out my profile by clicking the at the top of the page.

Sorry if this came across a little ranty but it is something I have discovered to be a pain.