Facebook I'm Over You!

Why have I been twittering so negatively about Facebook lately? I'm tired of all the cosmetic changes, the way some people are trying to make Facebook more then what it is. Facebook is a SOCIAL Network.

Recently, Facebook announced another cosmetic change to the home page. Of course the new change looks familiarly like the old home page, before the most recent change. I think it's time for Facebook to give it up. Just pick a format and stick with it!

I've been a Facebook user since end of 2004 beginning of 2005. Before there was one big Facebook there were several separate Facebooks divided by Universities. You could only send messages, friend, tag pictures, etc. with those people at your University. When The Facebook came about it allowed University Networks to connect. It was amazing and Facebook seemed complete.

Unfortunately, Facebook did not stop there. They continued to grow and started to allow High Schools and certain companies to join. In 2006 Facebook opened to the public. Anyone could join the social network. At first people thought this was a great idea, but slowly people have been changing their minds.

Facebook has become so large, and is now just another Myspace. Facebook finally surpassed Myspace in number of unique users this past year. I'm tired of all the cosmetic changes. The older audience is complaining about keeping up, but it's not just them, the younger audience is struggling just as bad.

Facebook has peaked in my eyes. I'm ready for the next thing. I think most people are as well. Facebook was once a place for friends and classmates to share pics, vids, and info. It was a place where nothing was taken seriously and if you wanted to marry your BFF for a week no one cared! It was all in good fun. Now everything is so "Facebook Official" and there are books on "Facebook Manners." People joked on how Facebook was a stalker tool, now it's not so funny there are people who are being stalked through Facebook.

idk if there is a need for books on Facebook Manners but I could see a need for Twitter manners. I'll save that for a later post.


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