New Features!!!

If you are reading this on the website then you will notice a few changes. If you are not reading this on the website go to

The first addition is the New Banner. The New Banner was created by Jacob Burke or @jacobburke on twitter. If you like his work follow him on twitter! Also check out his website

Another new Feature on the site is Firefly (no not the awesome tv show that got canceled). Firefly is a chat service that is still in Beta that allows you to chat on your site by clicking anywhere and typing. On my site you have to turn the switch to On for it to work.

I wanted to thank the creators of firefly for allowing me to use it on my site. I think it's a neat and different service.

The cool thing about firefly is that You can update your twitter status through it.
Check it out if you haven't yet and post a comment and tell me what you think.

The third addition is Ning. I have created an iellie Ning. Why? Why Not?! Ning is an awesome service and I encourage everyone to check out.

Ning is a great way to create a social network quickly and easily, that you have complete control over. Most likely you have used Ning at this point. A few of my fav sites are through Ning. One of which is and so is

You'll be able to join my ning by going to or clicking the link under add me on the side bar.

*****iEllie Update:*******
I do start my new Internship tomorrow. I'll keep you all up to date with the happenings of it.

As for the recent drama Yes I am fine. No Mike and I are not back together. Yes I ended our friendship and yes I have moved on. (clearing that up for all our friends)

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