Last day in Chicago

Grant and I have had a blast in Chicago this week. It's been a nice easy going vacation. we walked through Millennium Park, Grant Park, Navy Pier, The Shed Aquarium, Magnificent Mile, The Theater District, Northwestern Campus and all through The Loop.

We also ate at some amazing restaurants. Our first night we ate at a restaurant right next to out hotel called Eatt. This place was delicious! we both got the meatloaf. the meatloaf has a piece of Texas toast on the bottom a huge slice of meatloaf wrapped in bacon and on top of that a massive pile of shoe string onions. the meal looks like a heart attack waiting to happen but surprisingly not greasy and was the best meatloaf I've ever had (yes it competes with my moms).

On Wednesday we took it easy and wandered around the city. we made out way down to the Cloud Gate and then over to Millers Pub. This should be a stop on any trip. Millers has been known to serve all sorts of famous people and used in movies. The food is good and I highly recommend a burger.

When we walked through the theater district we noticed a lot of production trucks. Apparently they were filming a new movie with Kelsey Grammar called Boss.

On Wednesday night we saw Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and Scott Mosier for the recording of Smodcast and Jay and Silentbob get old. On Thursday we took a boat tour around the city which I highly recommend if you ever visit Chicago.

On Thursday we took a boat tour around the city and enjoyed the beautiful city of Chicago. The tour talks about the different buildings and the History behind them. It took us by the spot where Mrs. O'Learys farm once stood. It also took us by the old post office where they filmed parts of Dark Knight.

For lunch we ate at Ginos and finally got my first taste of a true Chicago Style Pizza. It was delicious!

Thursday night late after we were finally able to walk off the pizza we went wandering around and ended up finding Portillos which had sandwiches, burgers, ice cream hotdogs and pretty much every food imaginable. If you go here make sure to try the hotdogs. It's the best hotdog I've ever had!

Friday we went to the The Noodle Shop (I think that is what it's called). I hope one of these opens up in Jackson. They have every style noodle any way you want it. It is delicious!

After the noodles, we walked down through Millennium Park and Grant Park to the Shed Aquarium. On the way we past by The Buckingham Fountain you might know it as the fountain from Married With Children.

The Shed Aquarium was fun. I've never seen a Beluga Whale and it was really cool to see one up close.

Our last night we went to the Cheesecake Factory at the bottom of the John Hancock building. I've never eaten at one and it was cool to go. It was packed though!

We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott off of Hubbard which is centrally located and near a subway station. it was a great price and I would recommend you stay here if you ever visit.

I would definitely come back to Chicago. I think I could find something new here every time I visit.

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