The Engagement Shoot

Sheryl (@shotsbysheryl on Twitter) is our photographer for our wedding. Today we did our Engagement photo shoot. Sheryl did a great job and it was a total blast. She is a great photographer and I highly recommend her to anyone. The shoot was a great chance for her to get to know us and vice versa.

These are just two of the pictures she took today. She is such a blast to work with and we had so much fun.

Be sure to check out Sheryls' site, or her Facebook Page.

Grant busted his thumb yesterday and has been on hardcore pain killers all day. It was entertaining for me because he was so loopy. But you can't tell in the pictures. :)

We are 31 days away. I'm getting more and more excited every day. I'm ready for Oct. 9th to be here!

We unfortunately won't be able to stream the wedding. But I am working on some how streaming the reception :)

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