45 Days Away!

We are 45 days away from the BIG DAY! I'm starting to finalize everything and adding the finishing touches to everything. I'm so ready for Oct. 9th to be here!

I finally got my bridesmaid gifts and I'm starting to put them together. One of the gifts is a silver jewlery box in the shape of a fortune cookie. Inside I'm going to put a fortune.

This is where I need your help. Tell me your best and or worst fortune you have ever gotten.

I'll continue to keep ya'll up to date with all the wedding stuff.

Keep it real!


E-TARD.TV said…
omg you at a bachelorette party
thats going to be off the hook.
thats cool your getting married
wish you luck ;)
Maria Mcclain said…
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Best Fortune Cookie: i got was - With help from around, marriage is near , Don't Doubt as the person you're seeing now will be your life partner

Worst Fortune Cookie:
stratch to reveal thats the weirdest and funniest one i've got