I went Wedding Dress shopping!

I went wedding dress shopping and I found a dress! BUT it's $2000. I can't see myself spending $2000 on a dress I'm going to wear once.

How much would you or have you spent on something like a wedding dress?

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Otown Pyle said…
We paid for our wedding ourselves & I think the wife only paid a couple hundred for her dress & she looked amazing. And you're right you only wear it for an hour or so. I don't see the point. If you have a daughter & she grows up and gets married, she's not going to wear that thing anyways... haha
dancerjude said…
My wife spent in 1998 an equivalent of today's 4000€ for her wedding dress. Just for one day. She said "are my money and is my day". I stopped argue anymore and accepted her decision. I was more cheap for my dress. I bought an Ungaro's classic for around today's 1000€. But after that day, I weared it again.
Anonymous said…
You know, it's a mixed thing. I can see spending *maybe* $500-$1000 for the ULTIMATE dress, but in the end, you're right....it's just for one day. Look through mags and stores to find one you LOVE and then try to find one that looks as close as possible to it at eBay (people do it!) or consignment stores. I don't know who you talked with at Bridal Path, but Bonnie (she works there...she's family) could probably design you one and find someone to make it at a fraction of the cost.

Good luck, hon! Even if you wear jeans and flip flops on the day, you'll look beautiful! :-)
Anonymous said…
I found a dress that was $800 and then went and looked on ebay and found an identical one brand new never worn for $150. Saved my mom tons of money!
HalfBath! said…
To be married in September......Thanks for the insight lol. Check out our blog, and subscribe if you like!
kellie said…
Well, hopefully, you'll wear it once, stay married forever and ever (the whole happily ever after thing) and your grand-daughter will want to wear your rad $2000 dress. I just found your blog through a social media book -- I'm a PR person too, and although I know this stuff, I always do more research just for funsies...yes, a true dork. Best wishes to you for a beautiful, joyous life, Miss Ellie.
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