My Top Must Have Apps for Android Phones

As most of you know I recently purchased the HTC Hero Android phone. It's an awesome phone! It works great and the Market has so many applications! Many of the apps are free but the few you have to pay for are reasonably priced. Oh and Google did right by it's users by giving you 24 hours to test an app and if you don't like it you can get a refund! Bet you can't do that on your iPhone.

So far I've been able to find almost every application I have on my iPod Touch or something similar to it.

A list below are some must have applications that I think everyone should have on their Android phone.

1. Advanced Task Killer
This is a must have application! If you haven't figured it out yet most applications and all the widgets do not close on their own after you open them. You actually have to turn them off with an application like this one. Advanced task killer is a free user friendly application that allows you to select what apps and widgets you want to keep running in the background and helps you manage your battery life and memory better. With one easy click you can close all applications and widgets running on your phone. And by unchecking an app it will stay running. You can even uncheck and hold down on an app and select ignore to keep that application always running in the background which is great for e-mail and virus scanners.

2. Lookout Mobile Security
Lookout is a free virus scanner for Android. Just like your computer your phone is subject to viruses. Since almost anyone can submit an application to the market and Google does not always catch applications that could be harmful to your phone and information it's a good idea to download this app or a virus scanner of some sort. If you sign up the application will even back up your information for you.

3. ChompSMS
Threaded messaging is always nice especially when it's in Bubble Chat form and everything is customizable. ChompSMS gives the user the ability to customize the text size, font, color, and even the bubbles, and notification sound. Oh and did I mention it's FREE! If you do download this app remember to go into the messaging application that comes on the phone and go into settings to block it from notifying you. This way it will not notify you twice every time you get a message.

4. Seesmic
I've downloaded a few Twitter applications but so far Seesmic is a good free application that allows you to have several different accounts connected to it. The application is user friendly and functions great and does not wear down the battery like other twitter applications I have tried.

5. Phonebook
This application unfortunately has been pulled from the market. Why? I do not know. It is a great application and the dialpad alone is worth it if you can find it. It was a free app and the 2.0 version has been announced but no word on when or if it will be released anytime soon on the market or elsewhere.

6. Abduction
A simple game with aliens, jumping cows, falling bombs, and gifts. The game is like doodle jump for the iPhone and is as addicting and it is entertaining. The goal of the game is to jump from platform to platform trying to save the falling cows and avoid the bombs to get to the flying saucer in space. Definitely a must have!

7. Astro File Manager
This is a free application that lets you easily manage your files on your android. It's also a must have if you plan on installing applications that you find on your computer for the android.

8. Tone Picker
This application is a must have for the people that love customizing every type of notification on the phone. The application gives the user the option to use ringtones that they upload onto their phone or even full songs. Oh yeah and it's also FREE!

9. Barcode Scanner

This application is great for if your out and about and want to compare the item of a price online or even get a link to an application in the Market. The app allows the user to scan a barcode with the camera. It then will either open reviews or price comparisons. The application can also be used while surfing the internet for apps. When you see a barcode like the one in the picture you can scan it and it will take you to the application in the app store without you having to search for it. Again this is a free app!

10. Aldiko Book Reader
This app has a great library of free books and purchasable books. It runs pretty well and if you are on the go a lot and want a way to read some great classics this is a must have app. It is free but some of the books might not be and you can even import your own ePub files.

Other applications to check out include:

Toddler Lock which is a great app if you have young children. The application locks your phone and can even put it in airplane mode so while your children are drawing pictures and making music they can't dial or text or destroy the functions of the phone. As for the actual hardware of the phone you might want to invest in an Otterbox.

Newsrob is a decent Google Reader application but I have yet to find one that I really like. It does get the job done.

Foursquare is not only a great app but a fun location based social network which if you haven't signed up for it yet you need to.

Light Racer a fun Tron like game that is free.

Air Control is the Flight Control for Android

Listen is an awesome app that will allow you to find Podcasts and stream them to the phone instead of having to worry about downloading and syncing.

There are so many more and if you know of some great ones leave a comment and let me know!

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Douglas Stewart said…
Couldn't help but notice that over half looked like iPhone built-in apps or were apps that would not apply on an iPhone (i.e. no need for a task manager).

I certainly think Google phones are FAST and flexible, but even as a techie I appreciate the simplicity of the iPhone.
iEllie said…
Yes, Some are apps that also replace apps that come on the phone but the option to use something else is there which you don't get on an iPhone.

Androids aren't for everyone some people like the simplicity of the iPhone but some want something more. Each cater to a different group of people. I love my iPod Touch but I really do love my android for other reasons.

Yes, the iPhone does not need a task manager, but the Android functions more like a computer than a phone. The reason why the task manager is necessary is because of the Widgets, which the iPhone does not have.
Unknown said…
Great list! I'm trying to decide whether to switch to Google phone or iPhone. This helps a lot. Thanks iEllie!