Why was I late for class? Cowboys...

I was on my way to class today and I should have known to turn around at the first sight of the horse poo in the middle of the road. I came up over the hill and there in front of me was a line of horses and covered wagons. I couldn't believe it. I got stuck unable to turn around and when I finally was able to I had to take the long way to class. :( It was something else.

I found out later it was the Dixie National Rodeo Wagon Train. It's a 3 day ride into Jackson for the Dixie National Rodeo which is happening this weekend. I have to say this stuff only seems to happen to me. Luckily I had my camera on me and was able to take pictures to show my professor why I was late.

I could not resist sharing the story with all of you. Enjoy the pictures. LOL!


Anonymous said…
That's the best excuse I've heard for being late to class! Great pics.