The Movie Dry Spell

Sorry if this is ranty but, I love movies. It's a passion of mine (I know, you never would have guessed a girl that worked at Movie Gallery would be so movie obsessed).

The movie dry spell always seems to happen right after Christmas. For a month or so after Christmas most of the movies that come out are usually the movies that just don't have any right to be released. OR they have specific things that save them from being a total flop.

Last year I thought the spell would never end. Some of the movies released last year at this time were "Cloverfield", "Fools Gold", "Jumper", and "Step Up 2", by far not the best movies of the year and I think none of them are up for any awards.

Now some of you may not agree with my opinion on those particular movies but hear me out. "Cloverfield" was "Godzilla" in present day New York mixed with "The Blair Witch Project." It was great in theaters but in retrospect not a strong movie. "Fools Gold" had two strong Actors but the story did not deliver. "Jumper" was an OK movie. "Step Up 2" it was a sequel to "Step Up" need I say more?

The point is that it seems there are only a few descent movies that come out at this time of year. It's the time for flops.

The Summers and Holidays are always filled with the movies that will entice people to go see a movie and here and there a film worthy of an award. But looking back on 2007 and the last month I noticed just how many awful movies come out every year! I understand some of it has to deal with taste, and age, but sometimes it really is just a crappy movie.

I blame crazy producers in Hollywood who think that throwing a famous name onto the Poster we will work no matter what. Or manipulating a persons faith or belief to make millions on a movie about faith and religion (which is why I refuse to go see religious movies in theaters).

If I could ask the big shots in Hollywood one thing, I would ask them to stop, and ask themselves, "Am I a good gatekeeper for movies?"

And to the viewers of movies, ask yourself "Do I want to support craptastic movies that could be hindering the release of a GOOD movie?"

Thoughts on this? Leave me a comment below.

Keep It Real


Ewok said…
Cloverfield sucked. I was disappointed. I thought it would be good. What I want to see is a good HORROR movie. No blood and gore and oooh, ebola like virus! I want to see something that is SCARY! WHERE DID ALL THE HORROR MOVIES GO!? I want to know.