April Fools

Yesterday was April Fools Day. It was a day filled with jokes and tricks, but the real star was The Rick Roll. Youtube, and Justin.tv are just two of the sites that Rick Roll'd us all yesterday. YouTube had all their featured videos linked to the Rick Astley Video "Never Gonna Give You Up" that is now popularly called a Rick Roll. Justin.tv created a channel that looked like it was a lifecast of The Oval Office. It turned out to be a loop of the Rick Astley video.

Google joined in on the fun and claimed that Virgin and Google had merged and gmail had created a new feature that made it so the user could change the date and time an e-mail was sent. So if you missed a birthday or late on an assignment you could send it and it would look like it wasn't late. *cough* ummmm Good job Google...

There were numerous articles that were floating around the internet as well, such as Yahoo and Microsoft finally merged.

Even my Journalism 2 professor was in the spirit and gave us an impossible assignment. He fooled a few people but not me. Right after he explained it I started playing "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. It was pretty funny.

I learned today in my American Lit class that April Fools came about after the calendar year changed from the 1st of the year on April 1st to January 1st. It was a long time ago and it took a long time for word to get around so people would be called April Fools if they thought the first of the year was April 1st. Then of course it evolved over the years to the holiday we have today.

So that's my summary of the fun filled crazy day. Leave a comment about what you did to fool everyone on April Fools. And/Or the best April Fools joke you saw.



Anonymous said…
Well apparently, Rick Astley isn’t the only former singer celeb being rolled. MC Hammer has now fallen victim to the craze, as people are now getting “HammerRolled”.

A website located at http://HammerRolled.com explains this version of the good ‘ole Rick Roll.