Facebook Speaks the Truth?

Last night Mike was talking about quitting facebook and I said he couldn't based solely on our relationship status. People would think he and I had broken up or whatever. I was just playing around. Oh I didn't know how right I was.

So I canceled our facebook relationship last nights for the fun of it and then changed it to it's complicated and then back to normal. This morning my lil brother, many of you know him as Timmaaay, woke up and got on facebook. All that he saw on his feed was that we had broken up. Of course he didn't carefully look at my profile and see I had changed it back.

Well he got my Mom and said "Mike and Ellie broke up" My mom supposedly was freaking out all morning. She woke up my dad and has just been worrying about my mental state or something like that.

So I get a call around 7 and it's my Mom asking if I'm ok. I asked "Why wouldn't I be?" And she said "Well didn't you and Mike break up last night?" I said NO! she said "But on Facebook..." And I was like No it's facebook don't take facebook seriously... I was messing around with Mike because he said he wanted to quit facebook.

Now she is pissed. She said "I've been worrying all morning about you and I woke up you father and everything. You shouldn't do that. You better let everyone know you didn't break up!"

So here I am letting you know MIKE AND I ARE STILL TOGETHER!!


Oh yeah now I wish I had changed the status to married or in a relationship with Krissie or something. That would have really broken her brain!