Blah Blah Blah

Ok so it's been fun so far. I'm slightly depressed though it's hard to be at southern and Mike not be here. He is actually visiting right now for the weekend but it's a short visit so it's bitter sweet. I hope this will end soon because it's hard.

Montana is still in Alaska. Far away he needs to come visit his turn damn it!

Classes are cool I heart Mass Comm Im nervous about spanish, I'm nuetral about sociology, World lit is a lecture course and Intro to fiction is alot of reading. I'm just ready to have all my courses be courses in my major.

Life has been fun I've been staying very busy. I work out alot now which is amazing I never work out. I eat breakfast. Life is different for me it's weird.

I want WOW I want it so bad and a wii would be cool to.

You know it's amazing how much the world changes. And as you get older it just gets crazier.

Anywayz Keep it Real Folks!